Treatment for the muscular imbalances that cause chronic pain.

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Muscle Activation Techniques is a systematic and reproducible system designed to identify and treat local muscular imbalances.  Rather than focusing on what "hurts" or the actual injured tissue, MAT Therapy uses a system of checks and balances to identify then correct the root cause of the injury.

Muscle Activation Techniques recognizes that the body works as a whole and the cause of many injuries might come from any misalignment not just the tissue that hurts.  This is what truly sets MAT apart from other modalities.  The ability for the MAT Specialist to work with the entire body and not just the point of injury!  With MAT you can finally break free of those chronic and repetitive injuries that slow you down!


  • Do you suffer from repetitive injuries?
  • Are your muscles chronically tight?
  • Is there a growing list of physical activities that hurt or that you cannot do?
  • Do you suffer from a lack of joint motion of impingements?
  • Are you stiff and achy?
  • Have your workouts hit a plateau and you want to perform better?

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